Grow Room NYC #1 – Maya Hayuk


Maya Hayuk’s influences are vast, including unlikely combinations such as Ukrainian Easter eggs, Mexican woven blankets, Mandalas, and Rorschach tests. In addition to her myriad inspirations, Hayuk employs almost every material imaginable, using acrylic, ink, glitter, spray paint, watercolors, tape, ballpoint pens, and wheat paste in both public and private spaces. The bright compositions radiate with life and the absolute pleasure that can be found in the collaboration between color and form. In addition to her studio and design practice, Hayuk has several massive, commissioned wall paintings, such as a wall mural in the Bowery neighborhood in New York City, and many others across the globe.

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Grow Room NYC #1 – Maya Hayuk

Acrylic on canvas

213.0 x 183.0 cm