Yue Minjun – Garbage Hill


Yue Minjun’s works are instantly recognizable by the characteristic laughing figure, actually, the artist himself, depicted in various guises in virtually all his works. The figure has more teeth than one could possibly want, like the expensive smiles of fashion models advertising the latest whitening power of a toothpaste brand. This figure also shares the exaggerated nature of these advertising images. Yue Minjun’s trademark smile is many things at once. It is hilarious and infectious yet cynical and mocking. It appears superficial, mindless, even ridiculous but is deeply revealing and compelling. There are instant parallels to be drawn with the Social Realist propaganda posters of earlier eras of communism.


Yue Minjun – Garbage Hill 2003

Acrylic on canvas

Size:198.9 x 278.5 cm